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Why Choose Chetana Chits?

Chetana Chits registered under this Act needs to have its accounts audited by a qualified Chartered Accountant. The fixed deposit made at the beginning of the scheme will be refunded only on the submission of the audited Balance Sheet and Statement of Accounts.

The company has served more than 3000 satisfied clients spread over Karnataka with an asset worth more than 15 Crores since 2012.

How it works?

A chit scheme generally has a predetermined value and duration. Each scheme admits a particular number of members (generally equal to the duration of the scheme), who contribute a certain sum of money every month (or everyday) to the “pot?. The “pot? is then auctioned out every month. The highest bidder (also known as the prized subscriber) wins the “pot? for that month. The bid amount is also called the “discount? and the prized subscriber wins the sum of money equal to the chit value less the discount and the fixed fee to the foreman. The discount money is then distributed among the rest of the members (or the non-prized subscribers) as “dividend? and in the subsequent month, the required contribution is brought down by the amount of dividend.


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